Welcome to the Spacexcape Project.

The Spacexcape Project started over three years ago, as part of an ongoing enquiry into the “Blurred Edges: Perspectives on Reality” project by Alison Aylwin Raimes, a London based mixed media installation artist.

Spacexcape, is a virtual reality character created by Alison in the online worlds such as Second Life, Blue Mars and World of Warcraft.

In Second Life, Spacexcape works in a collaborative team of artists, scientists and philosophers to create an experiential, interactive installation that allowed other online avatars to participate in the project. The project culminated in a virtual installation that was open for three months and attracted over 10,000 unique visitors.

In Blue Mars, Spacexcape struggles to find a new environment where the project could be developed using more advanced graphics and scripts. She encountered a number of hurdles that has prevented this project proceeding at this point but hopes that the development of the platform will allow her to utilise this amazing new concept in the future.

In World of Warcraft, the scenario is very different. Spacexcape’s journey takes her through a world of conflict and battle in an attempt to understand the environment that attracts millions of players. This is a young, male dominated environment that is totally alien to Spacexcape as she encounters the addictive, aggressive and compulsive behaviour of the predominantly adolescent users. Like J M W Turner, she straps herself to the gaming mast and prepares for the storms, all in the name of art.

This project is not intended to make conclusions but to observe and reflect on the affects on the way online, cyber worlds are changing the way we see the ‘world’.

Above all, the Spacexcape Project questions what is and what is not ‘reality’ through the eyes of the user.